2bit studioS


10 minutes from central London, 2bit studio is a hidden gem in a Georgian street in Deptford. Fully equipped with all the tools you would expect from a professional studio, 2bit also boasts an esoteric collection of rare and vintage equipment.

The live room, with upright piano and 60’s Ludwig drum kit has hosted sessions from string quartets and horn sections to voice overs and rock bands.


Neumann, Coles Sennheiser,Electrovoice, Townsend labs Sphere L22.and more. Preamps from Trident, Neve, and vintage Ampex and Altec for more colours.


Teletronix-La2a, UA 1176, Distressor, Roland Space Echo, Mu-tron Bi-Phase, Orban spring, Copycat, Sony DP8 and much more.


Upright Piano,Ludwig 1964 superclassic drum kit,Wurlitzer electric piano, Epiphone EB3 bass,Fender Jazz bass,Yamaha SY1 , Roland CR78 and loads of Amps, Pedals and Gadgets..


Logic, Protools,2x UAD Apollo 8 with loads of their plugins.Yamaha NS10’s powered by Quad, Dynaudio BM6a’s

Special Features

  • A control room built from the ground up for acoustic
  • A live room suitable for live bands, string quartets and multi-percusionists
  • Vintage valve outboards complimenting the front end digital studios
  • Classic keys and drums such as this 1964 Ludwig Superclassic with Supraphonic snare.